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The Top 26 Reasons No One Should Ever Support Donald Trump.  In Any Capacity.

It continues to amaze me how ANYONE is willing to vote for Donald Trump. Sure, we need to get back to more conservative values, fiscal policy and reduce government by maybe 50%, or more at all levels. However, this guy is clearly not very bright, is totally unethical, is a prolific criminal and will be going to jail soon too.

I doubt anyone ever got indicted for over 100 felonies and got off without a jail sentence. Only corruption in the system would prevent him from getting a long sentence. And you have to be a fool to think over fifty judges, four District Attorneys and dozens of other officals (many republicans) all got together with Biden to arrange this assault on him. Or that 100 FBI agents framed him for stealing Top Secret documents – that we saw them remove from his home on TV! But the world is full of complete idiots. “Flat Earthers” do exist. 

How can anyone think voting for Donald Trump, instead of insisting on better candidates, is a good thing?!  It means they are either ignorant of the facts (listed below which are in the news everywhere), dumb or completely unethical. 

You cannot claim to be ethical if you want to support a criminal for the most powerful office in the world. Period. 

Seems like the definition of a sociopath and narcissist: Doing whatever you want while harming others without any regret or conscience. And a pathological liar too.

Here is just a partial list of his crimes and lies available from hundreds of credible news sources, but consolidated here:

26 reasons Trump is unfit for any public office (and as a CEO):

    1. The big lie, “The election was fixed”. More than 50 judges, many appointed by him and republican, have ruled there is literallt zero evidence of that. AThere is a very low standard for a lawsuit to move forward but a smidgen of evidence is needed. All these cases were dismissed quickly because there was no evidence. Even though Giuliani and Trump repeated claim they would bring it to court, but never did. And Rudolph Giuliani may lose his law license for this fraud. He already got a $148M judgement for defaming two alleged voter fraud public employees. Poor Rudolph is losing it, as is Trump, mentally. You do not need a link to this as Trump repeats this clear lie most days.
    2. Decades of financial fraud inflating his net worth and property values.  The fraud and loans trial in New York have already determined that his financial statements were totally fraudulent. i.e. tripling the actual square footage of his apartment in Trump Tower from ~10K to ~ 30K sq/ft. Oops. A judgement of damages is coming soon but just for the amount of the judgement, as the judge already decided it was fraud many months ago. 
      • The financial monitor of his companies and fraud case says there are loans and fishy transactions of tens of millions on the books being made even now.  Sucking out money as loans before tanking the fraudlent company so he can hide it offshore Donald?  That’s a mafia tactic shown on The Sopranos. No wonder people often say Donald Trump speaks like a mafia boss. It like he pretends he is being recorded at all times because he knows what he is doing is totally illegal.  He was put under the watchful eye of a financial auditor due to the continuous fraud for decades and order to ban him from operating any company in the state of New York. 
      • Previously he was also found guiltly of fraud running 
        “Trump University” too.  Oh, New York, slow to learn are we there?  Many cases of fraud over decades and nothing done until recently. 
      • He has been banned from even running a corporation in New York now, but it is stayed pending an appeal.  See:
      • Fraudulent financial statement case explained here in a DOJ hearing: 
    3. Bankruptcies list. No short list there. Basically, almost every business he ever ran was a failure and if he did not start with a $400M inheritance (Fred Trump died in 1999) he would have been a failure, since he has wasted billions that came from that inheritance when adjusted for inflation over 40 years. Without doing anything, just putting that real estate money or property into a Real Estate Investment Trust it would be worth over $2.5 billion today. This does not inculde the $427M he earned from The Apprentice by pretending to be a business success, when he never really was by most objective measures. 
    4. Fraudulent use of a non-profit to purchase collectibles, support his campaign and hang art in his offices. Banned from ever again opening a nonprofit in New York, I believe. The Washington Post story here:
    5. E. Jean Carroll – Twice lost as a sexual abuser and defamation. Happy to see a judgement that will have an impact that he cannot make up in fundraising lies. $83 million! Yea for juries. This first $5M judgement was not worth stopping because he was raising tens of millions in campaign contributions fooling (dumb) people into believing “I never met her” when there are pictures proving he did, and he even confused her with his ex-wife under oath. While also swearing “she is not my type”. 
    6. Trump airlines, Taj Mahal casino, clip of the President of that casino organization saying, “Mr. Trump just does not understand that when you don’t pay people eventually you run out of vendors.” (paraphrased). His SOP is screwing all vendors in construction. Look it up on YouTube, part of a documentary.  See: Over 600 people unpaid banned together, bankrupting many people. Over 4,000 lawsuits, mostly for not paying people. And to intimidate and bully. 
    7. Jan 7th insurrection. Watch the videos. Lots of smoking guns there. Connections and conversations with instigators of violence found on cell phones to Whitehouse staff by the January 6th committee. Still much to come out at trial, I think.  This riot and invasion (not a protest outside) killed 5 people! 
    8. The fake electors scheme. I can’t wait for that trial and conviction as his minions are turning on him to sing.  See:  Dozens of witnesses to subver the elctoral process. 
    9. Inheritance theft of hundreds of millions from his own family by fraudulent valuation (an old standard for him). See NY Times documentary.
    10. As COVID started Trump said on video he preferred the sick people to be locked on a cruise ship, so his “numbers” stay low. This is not just dumb, as a very small delay of the truth coming out, but also sociopathic. Let people get sick and die for my personal convenience and political benefit. See: Basically he said “Let people die and get sick because it will be a little more convenient for me for a week or two.”  Did he not understand this obvious scenario? Or does this alone prove he is a total sociopath? I think the latter. But either way I think it was a criminal act to not provide aid to many hundreds of U.S. citizens a quaratine facility off the crusie ship, his sworn duty. Presidental immunity? Maybe, but not ethical or smart for sure.  

    11. Donald Trump is a horrible, horrible businessman. Ironic because it is often cited by ignorant folks supporting him as to why they want to vote for him. Trump is a total joke with experienced CEOs and real businesspeople. If he had taken his (stolen, see later) inheritance of $400M and just put it in a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) he would be worth over $3.9 billion today (at 10% return annually, not even adjusted for inflation, which might make it $10B). Yet his networth is estimated at around $2.6B by Forbes in 2023. Meaning he wasted over $7B. Yet his excessive spending and bad management of companies is now bringing all that to bankruptcy, again. The antithesis of a good leader Trump is immature, self-centered, and I believe, a narcissistic sociopath.  As do many professional psychologists, who are unable to “Diagnose” him even though we have plenty of evidence and that behavior on TV. 

    • The Apprentice is a comedy to real leaders. Only people that know nothing about business would say he is more than a hack. He has others run the hotels that license the name Trump and lacks even the most basic management and leadership skills. It is a testament to how broken our election system is that someone so incompetent can win a national election.

    12. Apparent mental health and cognitive decline in the last year is obvious now as he confuses people and situations.

    13. Pathological liar. See for a list of just a few hundred of Trumps thousands of lies here: So many clips following Hitler’s PR strategy of make the lie big and keep repeating it – because most people are stupid and will eventually believe it. Praising Hitler, Putin, and other dictators. Yikes! That alone would lose my vote. 

    14. Trump organization convicted of tax fraud as a systemic culture at his company. Guilty on all charges. Paying people millions under the table. CFO testifies this was under the direction of Donald Trump. A culture of criminal behavior to benefit Trump. 

    15. Whistle blowers list. Yes, lots of those with books and interviews revealing the real Trump are easily available. These are insiders who worked with him for years. Many said they stayed because they were fearful of what he could do in the White House because they were trying to prevent disaster.  See:

    16. Cheating at golf. It is said to be common knowledge he cheats and fixes his “tournaments”. Okay, so not criminal but a strong indication of no character or ethics. 

    17. Audio clip of “grabbing pussy”. In his own words: and Bragging about sexually assaulting women.

    18. Insurrection – Jan 6th, 2021, limo ride and his attempt to go to the capital riot physically assaulting the secret service agents to get to the capital and support the storming of the capital – by people he was told had weapons. An irrational inability to control himself, as shown in court constantly and recently as he commits slow suicide by ignore the court judges.   This was after earlier in the day at the rally telling secret service to let them in even if they had weapons because they are my people and “not here to hurt me”. How telling is that. Not worried about amnyone else getting hurt.

    19. Russia wanted to help him get elected. Well documented hacking attempts. Why would one of our most dangerous rivals want Trump elected? Hum?! Many beleive they have videos tapes of him having sex in Moscow at a hotel that could leverage him. He was told of this after he won the 2016 election. See Comey Rules miniseries on Showtime. This shows the severa times Trump asked Comey to do illegal things in the name of “Loyalty” over law. 

    20. Many psychologists have called Trump a “Malignant narcissist”.  40+ psychologists wanted to write a public letter but industry ethics code prevents that in any case if they are not your patient, and of course if he is your patent too.  see also:  I teach a course to CEOs and executive on identifying sociopathic behavior to avoid hiring any, as they can be deadly to a company culture. This link lists the top ten symptoms and shows him doing all those in videos. Hilarious. Sad. More from the well respected Guardian here: 

    21. Stolen top secret documents that risked the national security of the United States and included military response plans. It seems there is no good reason to keep these other than to monetize them later. Traitorous behavior.

    22. Killed an extra 250k to 500k people in covid due to inaction and ignoring science, arguably to keep his hotels open and lies covered longer. Is this not the definition of a sociopath? Admitted to Bob Woodward he “played it down”. And admitted he knew how contagious it is on audio tape. Now this number is just my opinion, but I accurately projected 250,000 to 500,000 killed from COVID in February of 2020 by just overlaying the early data from Wuhan, China on the U.S. population. I did not know that Trump would essentially help it along by downplaying the danger such that over 6.9 million deaths in the world and about 1.2 million in the USA. Mostly preventable deaths if it had been managed better, listening to the science known at the time. A case can be made that he allowed over 500,000 extra people to die, just in the USA.

    Any one or two of these is enough to reject anyone as a presidential candidate. Or lower offices. Trump may be the most successful conman in history. But that is about it. He has squandered what his father created and will likely lose it all now and spend the rest of his life in jail. Or flee the USA to a non-extradition country. 

    Collectively this list proves Donald Trump is not just unethical but a prolific felon. Over 100 criminal charges and more coming. And we have already seen much of the evidence. 

    Anyone voting for trump is either ignorant of these facts, stupid or unethical.

    And here are some other things that may not be crimes, but certainly are very bad judgement which makes him incompetent for any serious office:

    23. Compromised by Russia? Why else would Russia want him in office if they did not think they could blackmail or influence him? It is documented that he spent time at Russian hotels and that the secret police in Russia have a standard practice of bugging and video taping rooms to collect blackmail evidence.

    24. Took money while in office from China? Okay, well I think he should get a pass on this one because his business is hotels and Chinese people need to rent hotel rooms too. But given his seedy past I expect there was some quid pro quo going on here, just like it was rumored he was selling pardons for $1M+ each in his final days in office.

    25. Pardons to wealth people and friends as clear abuse of power. Here is a list of 74 pardoned within hours of leaving office: How much you want to bet there were payments and promises made in many, if not most of these pardons?

    26. Nepotism – Appointed incompetent relatives as staff with no experience in those areas. Okay. So that is not a crime maybe, but it is incompetence and nepotism.

    So, how dumb do you have to be to support, in any way, this prolific criminal? Very!  Basically, I think you need to be a dumb hillbilly with no schooling trapped in a Trump internet bubble, or cult like camp. Certainly, you need to be very ignorant of the above facts and lack critical thinking skills.

    If the republican party even allows Trump the be their presidential candidate, they are committing long-term political suicide. They have really lost most independents, and independent thinkers already due to this unethical and partian behavior.

    I have thought for years everyone would abandon Trump as the Republican convention approaches. If not he has no chance of winning anyway. People are waiting to get funds from his base and will jump ship in 2024. They are just hoping to tap his base for funding and endorsements and afriad of his famous retribution and revenge on anyone that says anything bad about him. This is the behavior of a child, not an adult. 

    Anyone, including legislators or senators, who supports “The big lie” is perpetrating fraud on the American people.

    And is therefore unfit for office, as Chris Christie said very well after pulling out of the race. His main purpsoe running was to expose who Trump really is – fighting the constant lies from him put on TV by our mass media to get clicks.

    Citizens who support him would appear to be incompetent to vote. WIthout any ability for critical thinking. 

    Maybe we need blinking red “Lie” indicators required on any show that calls itself “news”. Why would netowrk TV continue to broadcast the proven lies of Donald Trump? 
    I guess because all people love to watch a train wreck and it gets ratings, which sets ad rates. This perpetuation of lies by media, and direct to millions of citizens via social media, was not possible until the last decade. Now reporters interviewing reporters is called “news”, instead of just the facts. Of course, Fox News is the worst, and really not news at all. It is hard to watch Fox “News” for more than 10 minutes without blatent slamming of Biden as the source of all evil. Pandering to conspiracy theories and the radical right for a niche of ad dollars. Not news! 

    Bonus: Frontline video on How Donald Trump became a bully: 

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