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AirTight Management is the World’s Best Leadership Operating System. Everything Needed to Scale.
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We Take Our Clients to 25% to 100% Compound Annual Growth without the Stress. And will generate a 100X+ ROI.

Cut many years off your learning curve this year.

Decades of Experience Helping Companies Scale. Now installed at over 200 companies.

When you need the experience to scale, we are the answer. We define scaling as over 25% compound annual growth rate (CAGR).

No one else anywhere has the tools we have accumulated and developed since 2011 to help companies grow faster and smoothly. With predicable results and less stress. These are curated from over 1,000 books and hundreds of experts.

Statistically, only 1 in 400 companies will ever reach $10M in sales. And 1 in 6,300 will reach $100 million in sales. We can get you there. The AirTight Management Growth and Scaling programs are for companies from $1M to $30M in sales. They systematically eliminate all barriers to growth. We get clients to 25% to 100% or more annual growth (CAGR). 

Every company is different, and we must have a call to understand where you are today and recommend a program from the three listed below. This will be a complimentary Mini-Growth Audit and diagnose your growth limiters.

Past clients include companies like

* Not everyone is eligible for all programs.


We can double your sales, double your growth rate and double your P/E ratio (2 X 2 X 2 = 8) to increase your valuation by eight times or more in 2-3 years. This means tens of millions more valuation and: a) Less dilution, b) Raising capital is easier, c) More market share faster, d) Attracting top people becomes easier. This creates a self-fullfilling prophecy of success. 

A company that grows at 100% for five years becomes worth 32X more!

Not all companies are eligible. AirTight Management is for the top 10% of companies that have high differentiation and protectability.

We work with clients in one of three ways depending on their size, budget and urgency:

1. Best – Our Platinum Growth and Scaling Program ($1M+ annual sales required)We do everything needed like installing all infrastructure needed to scale, uplevel your team, strategy, culture and performance. This program is guaranteed to add $10 million or more to the valuation of your company.  No other company in the world does that because they cannot guarantee the success that we can. It is not uncommon to create $30M and more in increased valuation for our clients with a one-year program. Often this generates an ROI of 100X or more. 

We work with only a few clients at one time. This is priced similar to having a Fractional COO, and we invest in your company by taking some of our fee as equity to keep the cost down.  If we do not deliver, we do not vest the equity! Win-win.
Call (619) SCALE06 to discuss, or click below to schedule a Growth Audit. Click here for more details on this exclusive platinum growth and scaling program.

2. GoodAs an Adviser and Growth Coach we will find and eliminate growth limiters you do not see and synchronize your management team, language, culture, models and vision. This includes a comprehensive management team training program (L & D), which is always required to scale, and is requested by 75% of employees. To scale at 25%+ CAGR you need to constantly up level your team, processes and systems to prevent dilution of knowledge and constant firefighting. This is working “on” the business, “ahead of the curve”, and “right seats on the bus”.  Call (619) SCALE06 to discuss. 

3. Budget and Slower – A Learning and Development (L & D) program for the management team to uplevel their performance and your culture. This is the lowest cost alternative and also the riskiest. It is recommended only for senior teams where there are three to five very senior managers (C-Level) with 15+ years’ experience each, and where the CEO and/or others have scaled companies before. Growth and scaling is not taught in any MBA program on Earth. It is one of the rarest skills (art, really) on the planet. It always fails without the experience and expertise to mentor a team. However, this will allow a team and company to prepare a foundation that is scalable and be ready to scale later. Call (619) SCALE06 to discuss. 

Every company is different, but every company also needs the same things to enable growth. Call (619) SCALE06 to get guidance on the best program for you today. 

Pre-revenue startups should see our training and coaching programs at:

We can work on almost any budget to grow your company faster by varying the speed of implementation.  Using our proprietary intellectual property, tools, training, coaching and systems available nowhere else.  This secret sauce means no one else can do what we can. 

We can turn your company into a market leader.

Our CEO & Founder, Bob Norton, is a World-class Expert in Scaling & Growth and a Serial Entrepreneur with 4 Exits over $1 billion.

CEO since 1989, Professional Management Consultant Coach and Adviser since 2002.  Author, Speaker and Thought Leader in scaling, entrepreneurship, Management Science, Leadership and Innovation. Board member since 1986. As an ex-CTO and VP of Engineering he can also lead digital transformation and AI initiatives to create more sustainable competitive advantage (SCA).

Mr. Norton has trained and coached thousands of CEOs & Entrepreneurs from over 40 countries to launch and scale businesses. And to grow fast, as he did his ventures generating over $1 Billion in exits for his investors at an average 25X ROI. He is the creator of AirTight Management, The CEO Boot Camp and Entrepreneurship University which provides six certifications for managers and CEOs. 


As a CEO for over 25 years, Mr. Norton has the “Been There, Done That” experience to guide any CEO, Executive or business to successful growth, and to scale at 25% to 100%+ CAGR. He has “engineered entrepreneurial success” by creating AirTight Management by combining his engineering and leadership skills into repeatable systems that can be dropped into any company with training to execute with excellence. 

Mr. Norton currently oversees all engagements.

No one else has our framework, systems, IP and training library.

We provide everything needed to scale. And to make needed cultural changes stick that creates a high-performance, market-leading company and culture.

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These testimonials show the depth and breath of our experience helping companies of all sizes get to their next level of development, no matter what they need. We take 7-figure companies to 8-figures, and 8-figure companies to 9-figures.


What Our Clients Say

We can diagnose your growth limiters in a single call.

CEOs at $1M+ Companies get a free Growth Audit on this call to identify some growth limiters.

For more details on our Growth and Scaling processes click here.

And click here to see the top 36 benefits that accrue from the AirTight six systems. 

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