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AirTight Management is Building a Network of Corporate Partners to Help Its Clients Grow

These can be software providers, service providers like accounting firms, attorneys and marketing agencies that work with $1M to $30M small businesses.

Since 2011, our framework of six systems has evolved to help companies scale more rapidly and smoothly. We can accelerate any company’s growth while improving culture and enterprise value.

Corporate Referral Partners Wanted

Are you a company that works with CEOs and other C-Level staff at small busiensses from $1M to $30M+?

Would you like to monetize your company’s relationships better and help them grow faster to use more of your product or services?

We work only with top consultants and services that offer high value products and services and have the credibility that goes with that. The criteria we seek are:

  1. All referral partners must have a highly professional demeanor and brand known for quality and value.
  2. The ability to introduce us to CEOs by understanding their pains, needs and challenges.
  3. Applicants should have experience collaborating with CEOs within the revenue range from $1M to $50M. Being well-versed in the language of business, encompassing key concepts such as ROI, strategy, and Organizational Development (OD). Usually a Business Development professional will be the lead contact and simply do an introduction with some follow-up after an initial qualification video call. 
  4. The best partners will have synergies with one or more of AirTight’s six systems and your offerings so that the lifecycle and cross sales might go both ways. For example these systems will be needed by our clients immediately after implementation of AirTight: Dashboard software, ERPs, CRMs, workflow collaboration platforms, and many other systems needed to support rapid growth.  
  5. Partner representatives are expected to take a short course (two hours maximum) on AirTight Management’s value proposition, enabling them to gain a comprehensive understanding of its many benefits. This will broaden their knowledge of business and leadership systems in a new sector that helps growth companies accelerate more smoothly. 
  6. Partners can also receive commissions by bringing in other referral partners.

Following the initial introduction, sales referral partners are entrusted with the responsibility of providing thoughtful follow-up and feedback to serve both parties in a solution selling methodology. This serves to streamline the sales process and maximize potential engagement opportunities.

We only do win-win deals that generate enormous value. And in fact can sometimes guarantee amazing results like a 50X ROI and adding millions to a company’s valuation so they can raise more capital, sooner, at a higher valuation and achieve larger exits. 

There is no cost to be a Referral Partner and a simple contract that explains all details.

If this sounds interesting, call (619) SCALE06 from 9am to 6pm CT M-F. 

Benefits of This Partner Affilliation

  1. Monetize your network by getting 10% commission for the first full year of AirTight’s retainers fees that can average $6K to $12K for a single referral.
  2. Be part of a state-of-the-art network of top professioonals that can refer clients to you for your services. These network members are CEOs, Fractional CXOs, interim CXOs and top consultants in Organizational Development and Change Management to optimize business growth.
  3. Get in on the ground floor of the growth of a new sector in business called Leadership Operating Systems (L O/S) that will be used in most growth companies in the next decade. These are the mover and shaker business that can attract venture capital from many sources and grow at 50%+ CAGR to become market leaders in their space.
  4. No commitment amd minimal training required (1-2 hours)
  5. Expand your network and add value for your customer or clients to guide them to impactful products and services

If this sounds interesting, call (619) SCALE06 from 9am to 6pm CT M-F. 

Past clients include companies like:

  • 77% of Corporate Reorganization and Change Management Initatives Fail to Generate the Desired Results. This has been true for 40 years.

– Training alone almost always fails (> 90%).

– Coaching alone fails to change corporate culture over 50% of the time.

–  Consulting alone also has a 70%+ failure rate.

However, when you combine them all in an integrated philosophy and framework you create a high-performance company that dominates its market(s).

We provide everything needed to scale for the leadership team. And to make the cultural changes needed stick. Guaranteed!

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