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Top Consultants Needed to Help Install AirTight Management,
the World’s Best Leadership Operating System to Help Growth Companies Scale

Since 2011, our framework of six systems has evolved through decades of development and millions invested. It is unique, and now the best in the world by far. Only 1 in 6,300 business ever reaches $100M and we can get any company there. Literally. 

We help $1M to $30M+ businesses scale more smoothly and rapidly by cutting years of the development of their internal systems. Jim Collins says it takes “Great” companies 8 to 10 years average to build out their internal systems to scale. We only work with top 10%, venture capital investment worthy, businesses that have the potential to reach $100M+ sales, are highly differentiated and have a protectable “secret sauce” (moat, hedgehog concept).

AirTight™ Growth Consultants (AGCs) can earn more than Senior Consultants at top consulting firms like McKinsey. And work far fewer hours too. By leveraging our IP and platform, and these six systems:

Top Growth Consultants Wanted

Become a Certified AirTight Growth Consultant (AGC)

We are seeking 20 experienced Management Consultants to join our team this year. You must have a minimum of 15 years’ total experience, including staff/line management (5 years minimum), leadership and executive skills (5+ years). And ideally some P & L and budgeting experience running a small business.

Ideal candidates will have run a small business of 25+ people as a CEO, or been a General Manager or department or division leader prior to becoming a consultant.

An AirTight Growth Consultant (AGC) can double their income because they have technology leverage, IP, structured systems, and leverage from the online training for clients.  And they do not spend 50% or more of their time marketing, selling, negotiating contracts, publishing, speaking, collecting fees and other overhead that is unbilled time for most independent consultants.

We only work with top people that combine intellectual horsepower with integrity, focus and a strong work ethic of accountability to results (not activities).  You will focus on the consulting work (OD/OCM), not on marketing, sales or administration. And can likely double to triple your income, making as much as Senior Consultants make at top tier consulting firms without the Ivy League degree, long hours, travel and hassles. 

The minimum criteria for applicants include:

  1. A minimum of 10 years of experience working with small and medium-sized companies (SMBs), specifically those with 10 to 500 employees, in profit-making businesses. We will not interview people who have only worked in Fortune 2000 companies as the management style and strategies there are very different than our client needs.
  2. A minimum of 5 years managing a staff comprising five or more professionals, underlining the significance of leadership acumen. Please do not apply if you lack experience managing staff. Managment is “Art”, not “Skill”, that only comes from experience. 
  3. A track record of five years in consulting, coaching, or involvement in Organizational Development and Change Management (OD/OCM), or related work like post M&A integration. You might also have specialized in projects like dashboards/KPIs, Business Intelligence (BI, Business Process Optimization (BPO), strategic planning or training management teams. 
  4. Must display the capacity and willingness to invest their time to master one or more of the AirTight Six Systems and combine them with their own experience to deliver excellent results. The curriculum for each system is twenty to thirty hours and then shadowing an experienced Black Belt in that system on an engagement over six to eight weeks.

See application and more details on the requirements for this position below.

Candidates should have a genuine desire grow and to engage in an increasing number of assignments over time.  This is a 1099 contracting position where you control your time, make your schedule and can remain independent. And even grow your business managing engagements or other consultants if that is desirable. 

If this sounds interesting, apply below. Or call (619) SCALE06 from 9am to 6pm CT M-F with questions if you meet the criteria above.

Benefits of Being an AirTight Growth Consultant (AGC)

  1. Double your billable hours, saving around 50% of your time by not wasting your talents on sales and marketing activities, contract negotiations and other overhead activities.  You will get clients from AirTight and spend your time doing what you do best, consulting, and helping organizations become high-performance companies and market leaders.
  2. Get an instant library of training and tools that will increase your effectiveness and ability to help clients that includes hundreds of tools, thousands of best practices and state-of-the-art systems including a Learning & Development System (LMS) for client managers, employees and even the CEO.
  3. Control your own business and destiny by owning your own business, while also getting the advantages of a larger business with shared network, resources, specialization, and systems for success.
  4. Leverage a professional certification in any of several areas, selecting where you would like to specialize, including as a  a) Growth & Scaling Professional (GSP) Consultant,  b) Business Strategy Professional (BSP), c) Marketing Strategy Professional (MSP),  d) Master of Business Acceleration (MBA) and/or The CEO Boot Camp to coach and guide CEOs at growth SMBs.
  5. Become part of a network of top peers with a variety of specializations to offer a comprehensive solution, not fixing small slices of the problems, but using a close network of top professionals to guarantee results. You will be able to tap a network with literally thousands of years collective experience to solve any problem.
  6. Be able to serve a wider array of projects and services and be competitive with larger firms on projects that one-person firms can rarely close.
  7. Work only with top companies in the Small to Medium Size Business (SMB) space where thins happen fast and you do not need to deal with lots of politics and inertia.
  8. Generate additional income by referring your clients within the AirTight Network to completely change organizations, where you know they will get served well.
  9. Leverage a brand that will become the leader in Leadership Operating Systems (L O/S) by getting in on the ground floor in a new market.

AirTight Management is by far the best Leadership Operating System available today. AirTight is 18X more comprehensive than any competitor globally. And it is used in hundreds of companies.

Millions have been invested perfecting it to be used by top Organizational Development (OD) and Change Management Consultants (OCM/OC) specialists to create market leading companies and cultures.

If you meet the experience criteria listed to the left you are welcome to call to ask questions 9am to 6pm CT.

If this sounds interesting, click below to apply. Or call (619) SCALE06 from 9am to 6pm CT M-F. 

AirTight™ Growth Consultants (AGCs) can earn more than Senior Consultants at top consulting firms like McKinsey. And work far fewer hours too. By leveraging our IP and platform, and these six systems:

Apply to Become a Certified AirTight Growth Consultant

Our AirTight Growth Consultants specialize in one or more areas or systems as follows.

Each system is installed over an eight week period with a combination of consulting (discovery & design), training (online LMS), coaching (to implement with each manager or department head) and project management to ensure success. 

There are six different “Black Belt” certifications, but most will be certified in one or two of these systems, not all six:

    1. Strategic Planning – A hundred tools to facilitate planning with a “teach to fish” approach.
    2. Performance Accountability and Merit System (PAMS) – Creates a high-performance culture we call a Darwinian Meritocracy(TM) by using 75 years of proven best practices in Management Science and leadership.
    3. Dashboards and Metrics – Developing the KPIs that make a difference.
    4. Skunkworks Innovation – Drive new products and extensions using business case and development processes.
    5. Process Management & Optimization – Documenting and improving processes with Kaizen and rightsized systems for SMBs.
    6. Human Capital Acquisition & Development (H-CAD) – Create a superior and fun culture that develops and rewards its people that we call a Darwinian Meritocracy. 
Which would excite you to do every day and with the freedom of your own business?

Training for each system includes 20+ hours of online courses, shadowing an experienced Black Belt on an engagement and working with our Founder to oversee the implementation process at a given client. This framework is combine with your own experience and style in a proven and repeatable process to turbocharge any company.

The diagram below shows the 24 AirTight certifications with 4 levels for each of our six systems. 
Levels 1-3 are for client employees, managers and executives. Level #4, or "Black Belt" certification is required to run an engagement.

Past clients that generate billions in sales annually today include:

  • 77% of Corporate Reorganization and Change Management Initatives Fail to Generate the Desired Results. This has been true for 40 years.

– Training alone almost always fails (> 90%).

– Coaching alone fails to change corporate culture over 50% of the time.

–  Consulting alone also has a 70%+ failure rate.

However, when you combine them all in an integrated philosophy and framework you create a high-performance company that dominates its market(s).

We provide everything needed to scale for the leadership team. And to make the cultural changes needed stick. Guaranteed!

Qualified Candidates Can Call: (619) SCALE06

Apply to Become an AirTight Management Growth Consultant.

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