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Welcome to AirTight Management, where we specialize in scaling businesses (annual growth over 25%) that have found product-market fit.

Our comprehensive and repeatable framework along with the scaling expertise has helped over 200 companies increase their growth rate, valuation, and revenue by 2X, 5X, and even 10X. Our founder has a proven track record of growing two startups to $100M and $156M in under 5 years each.

Every company is different, and we must have a call to understand where you are today and recommend a program from the three listed below.
This will be a Mini-Growth Audit and diagnose your growth limiters at no charge.
Past clients include companies like:

We Get Our Clients to 25% to 50%+ Annual Growth Rate, sustainably.

Our Proprietary Framework Has Been Decades in Development

At AirTight Management, our goal is to create literally tens of millions in extra value in equity and sales while doubling your growth rate to 50% to 100% annually. We target a minimum of 10X ROI for our clients and have even reached over 100X with some. And we no longer take clients where we cannot create this level of value.

We achieve this by improving every factor that creates faster, smooth growth. We are so confident in our ability to deliver results that we bet most of our fee on achieving these goals – something no one else in the industry has the confidence to do. 

Click on Your Company's Stage of Development Below Using this Boat Size Metaphor

Each stage has very different needs and a different management style. You must “shift gears” giving up what worked before at each previous stage. This is why many Founders are replaced by “Professional Managers and CEOs”.  They do not adapt. And why more than 99% of Founders get stuck between $1M and $10M in sales. 
Click on your stage below to learn more.

Stage 1: RAW START UP - No Revenue yet

Just a couple crew members. Ideation stage and developing a product or service.


STAGE 2: EARLY REVENUE But Under $1M Annually

3 to 7 crew members. Some traction with paying customers.


STAGE 3: ESTABLISHED - 12 or more FTE employees.

Typically, $1M to $10M in Annual Sales

STAGE 4: GROWTH EXPANSION - Usually 25+ Employees

Sales typically over $10M. Varies by industry.

The Six Systems Every Company Needs to Scale Without Constant Problems:

Jim Collins in Good To Great, a classic business text, concluded after years of research that the average “Great” company took 8 to 10 years to figure out their systems. We have created six generic systems that can be dropped in as needed, one at a time, with minimal customization.

This cuts many years off the learning curve and gets you growing at 50%, 100% or more without stress, losing people or regular disasters that cap most company’s (99.75%) growth at $10M. 

We provide everything needed to implement each system. This is a hybrid product and service.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Management Best Practices

Management Best Practices

Dashboards & Metrics

Dashboards & Metrics

Strategic Budgeting

Strategic Budgeting

Process Management

Process Management

Human Capital Acquisition & Develop

Human Capital Acquisition & Develop

the magic is in the ip and over 30 years' experience scaling companies. it contains what even MANY top ceos do not know

AirTight Management is the result of three decades of curating and creating management and leadership best practices collected from reading over 1,000 business texts, from hundreds of top business gurus, entrepreneurs, consultants, and authors. 

Contributors include Micael Porter, Peter Drucker, Jack Welch, Jack Trout, Seth Godin, Geoffery Moore, Andrew Grove, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, Mark Cuban, Peter Thiel, Ed Catmull, Bill Campbell, Clayton Christensen, Steven Covey, Champy, Hammer, Robert Kaplan, Peter Cohen, Moser, Michael Treachy, Tim Ferris, and more than 100 others you likely have never heard of and would never know to even study. 

Learning this took our founder two decades and now you do not have to read 1,000 books and experiment for years to leverage this massive collective knowledge. 

We have “engineered” all this wisdom into teachable, proven systems that will uplevel any team and company starting in the first month. Guaranteed. And your team will love the results because they will become top professional managers that can grow with the company instead of being replaced by new hires above them. 

Each manager will get a custom management development program (L & D, or MD) that will vastly improve their abilities as a manager and/or leader using our intellectual property, video training and some coaching. Turbocharging communications, planning, mutual support and results. 

And we do it in months, not years.

AirTight Management is 9X more comprehensive than anyone else. We cover every dimension and part of the business.  Ask anyone else about a guarantee to drive up your growth rate, or valuation. Crickets. No one else does what we do.

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We only work with five companies at a time.
So apply today and find out what we can do for you to scaling your business.

We are the only company in the world with this intellectual property and framework. And the only one that will guarantee results.


I was flying from Boston to Long Beach California one day in 2009, after 14 years as a CEO and then seven years advising and consulting for businesses. As an Entrepreneur and CEO, I had grown two startups to $100M and $156M already and helped many dozens of companies grow by then. 

But that day it literally hit me in an instant that every problem I ever solved for a client traced back to the absence of one of six systems. I bet my subconscious was working on this for months, if not years. Neuroplasticity, or what Malcolm Gladwell called “Unconscious Competence” is amazing. We form neural networks, biological supercomputers really, in our brain, which do specific things that take 5+ years (10,000 hours of practice to kick in). And for me it appears that moment was the culmination of over 25 years combined experience to generate this unique framework of systems. 

After that it took me another year to studio produce the first 120 training videos, create the marketing, name and flesh out all the systems. And by 2010 I was installing the first three AirTight Management systems at clients and getting fast results. By 2012 I had produced over 160 training videos on all six systems. And now I was creating $10M to $30M bumps in client company’s valuations after starting to use these systems. I equate this to engineering (first 8 years of my career) a replicable growth framework that I learned to do as CEO for the 23 years as a CEO by that date. 

Today we have refined and polished AirTight Mangement and it can be used in almost any company to accelerate growth more smoothly and quickly. And to create millions more equity value.

We can diagnose your growth limiters in a single call.

CEOs at $1M+ Companies get a free Growth Audit on this call to identify your growth limiters.

Testimonials On Our Products and Services

Our company was founded in 2002 as a boutique coaching and consulting service. In 2004 we created The CEO Boot Camp which has graduated thousands of CEOs and Entrepreneurs from 40 countries. In 2009 we invented AirTight Mangement. And in 2020 we added 20 more courses to create Entrepreneurship University. All these materials are used in our engagements. This is a small sample. 

John Assaraf, of The Secret, 3X Founder and NY Times Best Selling Author

As CEO of NeuroGym and a world-class authority on neuroscience and mindset John has millions of followers. He has built three seven-figure businesses and trains solopreneurs in mindset and business growth.

Alice Ma, CEO Magenta

Alice is an expert in web design and marketing and has run a top web agency in Canada for over 12 years. She came to Bob to break through her company's limits and get more free time and systemization.

Paul Terlemezian, CEO iFive Alliances

Paul is an expert at alliances and has lectured on this at The CEO Boot Camp. Over 20 years of alliances and direct selling experience in the high technology, consulting and training industries and help The Technology Association of Georgia with it learning and development programs for executives.

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