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Growth and Scaling Workshop Series for $1M+ Company CEOs

First Wednesday of Each month at 5pm ET, 4pm CT, 2pm PT.

Learn How the Top 5% of Entrepreneurs Succeed at Reaching $10M, $50M and $100M+ When Only 1 in 400 Companies Reaches $10M in Sales, and 1 in 6,300 Reach $100M

 This growth and scaling workshop series will set you up for success and help you develop a multi-year growth strategy that attracts better employees, investors, and partners.  And improves your business’s equity value by 2X to 10X. This could easily be worth millions to you as we will work on things that multiple valuation over time
There will be 12 sessions total. Replays available for your entire team.

What You Get:  

  • A live growth and scaling workshop on the common problems in company growth that literally 99.75% of companies encounter. 
  • Focus of first event will be “Are you ready to scale?” With a checklist of 40 things you need. 
  • Replays available for a limited time after each event when you register.

All other session agendas below and will cover issues like: 

  • Learn best practices for getting ahead of the curve for inevitable problems as your organization evolves.
  • Learn the strategies that top entrepreneurs have used to grow at 50%, 100% CAGR and more per year. 
  • Set up a self-fulfilling prophecy of success because you attract the best investors, top employees and partners.
  • Learn when and how to do the inevitable reorganization that is required annually with rapid growth.
  • Learn the shifts in mindset, management style, culture and other things required to scale at over 25% annually.
  • Learn how to increase accountability and ownership of teams and managers.
  • Learn to manage by the numbers, develop your team faster and create a higher productivity culture.
  • Get “Hot Seat” time to work on your biggest issue and get input from others. Inquire to reserve a spot.
  • See the financial and other controls that you need to not let growth run your company off the rails or sideways.
Register now. You will get an invite and Zoom link to join by email.

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For Current CEOs at $1M+ Companies Only



There is no MBA program or university in the world that teaches CEOs, Managers and Executives how to scale a company. 

Jim Collins, in the classic, best-selling book Good To Great, found it took the average “great” company 8 to 10 years to figure out its internal systems to scale.  At AirTight Management, we have been helping companies do this in 12 to 18 months since 2011. 

Watch the video above to learn some secrets about scaling and what this growth and scaling workshop can do to help you. 

About Your Instructor, Bob Norton, Serial Entrepreneur and Top Expert in Scaling Companies

  • A Founder of six companies, with four exits and two still in development.
  • As a CEO since 1989 Bob has grown two startups to $100M and $156M in sales within five years each and returned over $1 billion in profits to his investors (a 25X ROI). An average of $71M per year of equity value was created
  • Creator of AirTight Management, world’s first modular, and most comprehensive Management Operating System (MOS)
  • His companies have generated tens of billions in sales and continue to generate over $1 billion per year today in revenue
  • As a Management Consultant and Chief Adviser to CEOs since 2002 he has helped over 200 clients increase their growth rates, sales and company valuations.
  • He has raised over $40 million in startup capital for his own companies and helped clients raise nearly $1 billion. Helped clients exit at values as high as $780M. 
  • Founded six companies, four of which have disrupted industries. Two others are still growing. 
  • Author of four books: The Startup Manual & Leadership, co-written with Warren Bennis, “The Father of Leadership” and 4 eBooks. 
  • Over 200 published articles and 360+ studio produced training videos.
  • Creator of The CEO & Boot Camp and variations for teams and stage of development, which has graduated thousands of CEOs and entrepreneurs from over 40 countries. 
Bob's book on Growth and Scaling
Phases Growth and scaling

Growth and Scaling Workshop: 12 Scheduled Sessions, 90 Minutes Each

Join Any Time and Catchup with Replays
  1. Aug 30 – Top 40 things you need to scale. Are you ready to scale? What is required checklist? Most underestimate this. 
  2. Oct 4 – The Team Requirements – Where most fail. The needed team and traction, benchmarks for the required minimums
  3. Nov. 1st – The 26 standard processes required to scale. Documenting for training and optimization.
  4. Dec. 6th – Your Go-To-Market Strategy – Not what most think it is: Vision, Total Addressable Market (TAM) and the financial model, niche(s).
  5. Jan. 3rd – The Reorgs needed regularly and how to do them – Doing a smooth reorganization to support growth – often required annually
  6. Feb. 7th – Recruiting and Training Top people in management and the C-Suite  – What it takes to attract and keep the best people
  7. Mar 6th – Raising Capital and the many sources beyond angels and VCs at higher valuations
  8. Apr. 3rd -The Virtuous Circle and economics of scaling sales – Your sales and marketing formula and economics
  9. May 1st – Compensation programs for founders, managers and executives using equity
  10. June 5th – Designing in Sustainable competitive advantage that can 5X to 10X P/Es and valuation
  11. July 3rd – The discipline of management cadence and process management
  12. Aug. 7thFinance systems and the long-term financing strategy
  13. Sep. 4thAI For CEOs. We will review a process to leverage AI today in your company to take advantage of the many applications and recommend certain apps. 

              Others may be added as requested by the attendees. All sessions are recorded and available online by the next day. Subject to change but we will cover all these topics


Wisdom from the trenches tackling your scaling challenges like reorganization, recruiting, compensation, controlling your culture, raising capital, marketing, sales, innovation, product development, using technology to transform and enhance productivity and enterprise value for shareholders.


Each session may be different but will consist of a theme or topic of the day with 30 minutes of dense content, tools and models on best practices on that theme. Then there will be 30 minutes of Q & A and 30 minutes of workshop problem-solving. "Hot seat" CEOs may be selected in advance or on the fly when this adds value for all attending. Attendees get access to replays.


Includes slide deck to download and several videos, tools and key articles that will help you structure your company for success and create a high-performance culture.

Start any time, and you will get access to all the growth and scaling workshop session recordings that have already happened.

Guarantee details: You may attend the first two sessions and request a 100% refund for any reason. Attending the third session invalidates the full refund offer. This includes both replays and live sessions you attend. 

100% Money-Back Guarantee Growth and scaling
Growing a business to a significant size is hard and very, very rare. Like winning the Oscar for film. Few know how to do it. 

Just look at these statistics from the Kaufman Foundation that studies small businesses.  Even venture capital backed companies, with all that money and due diligence, fail about 80% of the time. 

So why do so much fail?  Come join us and find out the top ten reasons, and how to address them too.

We guarantee an information-packed event that can shift your thinking to create more success and growth in any company.

More About Us


growth and scaling

Dominate your market! We provide Everything needed for growth. 
Growth and Scaling


AirTight Management is the world’s most comprehensive Leadership Operating System (LO/S) developed over two decades curating the best systems for scaling.

And of course, to grow you need capital and a quality team.  You can build a tiny house alone but to build a skyscraper you’ll need lots of help.

We take what is normally an 8-to-10-year process and compress it down to about a year for most companies by installing standard systems, processes, and culture for everything needed to scale.  Then customizing as needed. 

There is no one, ever, that did not need help to figure all this out! The first 10 years of Elon Musk’s learning at Zip2 (1999), PayPal (2002) working with others gave him that experience. 
Google hired many senior, experienced people, as did almost every other major success. 
Get the help you need. Do not try to climb Mount Everest without a sherpa. They all die. 
Get a FREE Strategy Session to Diagnosis Your Business. Get a mini growth audit to understand what is holding your company back.

We can diagnose your growth limiters in a single call.

CEOs at $1M+ Companies get a free Growth Audit on this call to identify some growth limiters.

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