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The Platinum Growth & Scaling Program - Rocket Fuel For Your Company

We Will Add $10M To Your Valuation With a 1-Year Program – Guaranteed!

And Generate a 100X ROI on Your Investment.

Everything Needed to Scale Your Company and Reach 50%+ Annual Growth

We achieve this by improving every factor that creates faster, smoother growth. There are hundreds of these, and they can be collectively called “Culture”, “Systems”, “Processes” and many other things. 

We are so confident in our ability to deliver results with the Platinum Program that we bet most of our fee on achieving these goals by taking a small piece of equity – something no one else in the industry has the confidence to do. We invest sweat equity in your company – if you qualify for this exclusive program.


We can double your sales,
double your growth rate and
double your P/E ratio (2 X 2 X 2 = 8).


This Platinum Program often results in a company worth 8X more within two or three years. 

Tens of millions more valuation means:
    a) Less dilution
    b) Raising capital is easier  
    c) More market share faster
    d) Attracting top people becomes easier
A company that grows at 100% for five years becomes worth 32X more!  This can be done faster by raising the P/E and growth rate.

Be a Realist in Planning.

Jack Welch said that the most valuable skill an

executive brings is seeing “what is”,
not what they want to see, which is Cognitive Dissonance.

We will train, coach and consult in a hybrid program including everything to:

  1. Accelerate your sales and growth rate to 50%+ CAGR, then 100% later
  2. Increase the Valuation (stock price) of your company 2X or more in just two years and 8X in three years
  3. Implement proven professional management best practices that will improve morale and attract and keep the best staff
  4. Systematize all key processes and set up for constant improvement (Kaizen)
  5. Create aligned, high-performance teams with synergy
  6. Uplevel your team with a complete Learning & Development (L & D) program every company needs to scale
  7. Increase innovation and optimize every area of your business

Every company is different, and we must have a call to understand where you are today and recommend a program from the three listed below. Past clients include companies like:

In this video our Founder, Bob Norton, discusses how AirTight Management’s proprietary framework takes the limiters off our client’s growth.  Guaranteed! We do everything needed with you in a program like no other on Earth.

The Platinum Program includes installation of all six AirTight Systems to create a complete leadership framework to support 50% to 100% or more annual growth. This include training, coaching consulting and “whatever it takes” to reach the mutally agreed goals that will typcailly 8X the value of the company in 2-3 years, adding tens of millons in enterprise value.

And we make this very affordable by charging like a 1-day per week fractional COO + equity with no extra cost for our IP, L & D systems, or coaching.  

And We Guarantee Results By Not Vesting Our Equity Until We Achieve the Promised Results.

Training Alone Almost Always Fails. Coaching Alone Does Not Change a Culture or Create Organizational Discipline. Consulting Rarely Results in the Promised Results.

However, when you combine them in an integrated philosophy and framework you create a high-performance company that dominates its market(s).
We provide everything needed to scale. And to make the cultural changes needed stick. Guaranteed!


What Our Clients Say

We can diagnose some of your growth limiters in a single call.
CEOs at $1M+ Companies get a free Growth Asswssment to identify your growth limiters. Call (619) SCALE)6 or:

Quote from forward of a book published by a client

I have known Bob for about 15 years. He is a very bright, creative, and experienced executive. His combination of big company and entrepreneurial experiences have given him an excellent platform for advising others. . . . Bob can always be relied upon to steer you in the right direction.

David Dill, CEO of Wellesley

Pharmaceuticals, and former IBM VP
I have been privileged to be touched by people who have had a large influence on my thinking. Richard Branson for his inspiration and motivation of what is possible. Anthony Robbins who helped me take the first step in understanding human neural linguistics and associated communications. And Bob Norton who inspired my business thinking in different tangents.

Boaz Fischer, CEO, CommsNet, Australia