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Dashboards And Metrics to Measure and Drive Growth and Constant Improvement

Some Benefits of Our Proprietary Dashboards & Metrics System & Processes:

  1. Dashboards allow a business to be “run by the numbers” freeing up management to work “on”, not “in” the business. When the dashboard metrics are right, strategic decisions come easily. Unfortunately, most people cannot design the right metrics (KPIs) into the dashboard, as it requires vast business experience.
  2. Dashboards allow many day-to-day activities and processes to mature and improve, as well as be put on “autopilot” so employees and managers are accountable to perform.
  3. Good dashboards drive Constant and Never Ending Improvement (CANI), or Kaizen, for key processes and metrics to increase quality, reduce costs and result in increased market share.

4. A well-designed department dashboard can transform a mediocre manager into a good to excellent manager by creating focus, accountability and making subtle issues far more visible to all involved. Then corrections can be made quickly that often linger unnoticed for years. Dashboards also allow quicker and less disruptive transitions when people leave.

5. Dashboards provide early warning indications of both industry (external) and company (internal) trends that might go undetected until it is too late to adjust.

6. Well-designed dashboards connect “cause and effect” that is separated in time and location in organizations so that you see connections that are often missed, especially across departments. Patterns will become obvious that were previously hidden.

7. Dashboards allow better projections, goal setting and setting of performance standards and bonuses to increase both productivity and morale.

A business that wants to scale, increase profitability, revenues and market share must systematize its business to “Run it by the numbers”. This allows leverage and creation of more value and also allows less skilled people to do more sophisticated things. It is all about getting your business processes down to a science with known inputs and outputs and the ability to constantly hold people accountable to acceptable results.

Dashboards allow managers to use “Management By Exception” (MBE), as well as Management By Objective (MBO). MBE is an appropriate style of management for both senior people and mature processes that have been reduced to certain performance metrics. It is the responsibility of every manager to move people and processes up this maturity scale. Our video training includes management best practices modules that will allow your managers to use more advanced management techniques that 93% of managers do not know. These are guaranteed to enhance your company’s performance.

AirTight Management’s proprietary Dashboard System and templates are used to create a high-level company-wide dashboard, as well as a dashboard for each department as appropriate (~5 employees). This enables constant improvement (Kaizen and Process Managment), better projections and enhanced quality over time.

We will design your dashboard in a week that will rapidly improve your company. We will also help you implement the proper procedures and processes until these dashboards are effective. This can be done very economically remotely. We will interview the department heads remotely and combine this with our on-demand Video Training Library (VTL).

Tip: Focus on the business and the right numbers to watch, not the software. Dashboard design is an art and where the magic happens. Don’t let software people do the design work, as it requires vast business experience and understanding of management and psychology.

We have introductory, intermediate, advanced and expert level dashboard video courses for all levels of employees. On-demand video is used for consistent, effective and low-cost training delivery, and optional certification. Video training modules are available 24/7/365 on any standard browser or device (i.e. PC, tablet or smartphone)We can train and certify employees, managers and individuals to do just what they need to – or create an in-house “owner” and expert for your company to develop and maintain these critical tools. Green Belt certifications are for end-users, and more advanced belts are for managers (red belt) and executives (purple belt) responsible for designing and improving your company’s performance. A black belt is for professional consultants and business coaches. 

For the best and quickest results and lowest risk, we recommend you use our experts to design your dashboards at the corporate and departmental levels. We are very, very good at this and do it quickly too because our experts have done this for over 20 years.  Done right, these dashboards will impact your business quickly and change how you think about it too. We can design all corporate and departmental dashboards in as little as a week but recommend two weeks to allow for a week of training for your team. You will be amazed how much leverage you can get running a business by the numbers.

Tip: There are four categories of numbers that need to be used in every dashboard to make it effective.
If you do not have all four, balanced, the dashboard and metrics will not work well and can even cause harm. Call us to learn about those categories.

Some Key Benefits and Reasons Every Company Needs Dashboards

Dashboards are needed the entire company and for:






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