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Human Capital Acquisition and Development

Some Benefits of the AirTight Human Capital Acquisition and Development (HCAD) – System #6:

  1. Attract and retain the best people to create sustainable competitive advantage. Your people drive all success and failure.
  2. Control and guide your culture to create high-performance teams and increased value creation and productivity.
  3. Improve morale, communications and reduce employee friction. Minimize bad politics and maximize results.
  4. Lower employee turnover and the repeated training costs, which can be over six figures for managers, and are mostly hidden in lost opportunity and reduced efficiencies.
  5. Create a culture of constant innovation and high-quality to increase market share and margins.

6. Use proven “out-of-the-box” procedures, processes and forms for employee hiring, review and development that will increase tenure, job fulfillment, and individual growth. Superglue the best employees to your firm while ejecting non-performers and malcontents automatically.

7. Groom your top people to run their areas like their own business and drive profitable growth.

Systems #6, or (HCAD or phonetically “H + CAD”) is about creating and controlling your corporate culture to maximize performance, market share and to attract and keep the best people.

We call this ideal culture a “Darwinian Meritocracy” because it evolved naturally, taking into account all internal and external (marketplace, industry etc.) conditions. Generally this System cannot be implemented until after System #2 PAMS and System #3 Dashboards are already in place and practiced because they are fundamental tools to help create this culture.

Every company needs to have its own cultural flavor that is appropriate for its industry, market position, brand and other factors. However, there are also many proven best practices to managing employees that create a great company and a great culture that all companies should use. Most do not know and use these proven best practices. We have scanned the globe and top business minds and texts for the ‘best of the best’ ideas that are all compatible and integrated into HCAD System #6.

Our Human Capital Acquisition and Develop System includes all the following and more:

  1. A framework of standard policies and procedures for employees that encourages ownership and responsibility
  2. A system for employee reviews
  3. Tools and forms to facilitate employee development, training plans and appropriate use of time to drive innovation
  4. Tools that Human Resources and all managers need to recruit, train and develop the best people possible
  5. A philosophy that empowers managers and executive to “do the right thing” and to develop their people without fear and personal agendas and politics ruling these decisions
  6. Guidelines on evolving a culture from early stages to a growth driven market leader broken down by The Five Stages of Development
  7. The Employee Development Ladder, which lays out clear expectations for advancement and criteria for hiring based on the seniority of each position
  8. A full hiring process to optimize results and have very low turn-over but properly vetting prospects including analytical tools like our proprietary Skill Set MatrixTM and recommendations
  9. Processes for internal management cadence to guide departments and connect strategy with tactics on every level of the organization
  10. Advanced training on leadership to inspire people to higher performance and glue themselves to the corporate mission
  11. Advanced tools for delegating, problem-solving, friction resolution and other psychological tools that are needed when a company reaches over 25-50 employees to maintain a small company feel, yet have the needed infrastructure for growth
  12. Customization of various management theories and methods to the company culture, brand and market position

Note that all these tools integrate and are compatible with the Strategic Planning process and tools, as well as System #2 Management Best Practices (PAMS).

No other framework can claim this level of comprehensive tools across the entire organization, both vertically and horizontally as our AirTight Six Systems.

Our training, coaching and implementation process have evolved and been enhanced since 2002 when we started helping companies full-time. However, these ideas and best practices have been extracted from hundreds of books and used since as early as 1989 and come from the best of the best business gurus and thought leaders.

It is all timeless because human beings do not change much, even though technology does. Modularity and a variety of tools that allow all our Systems to be quickly customized for any company, industry or any situation.

We can diagnose what will help your business very rapidly and provide recommendations within two days.

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