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Process Management

Process Management

Some Benefits of the AirTight Process Management – System #5:

  1. Systematize the key processes of value creation to put them on auto-pilot so managers can work on improvements, not day-to-day activities.
  2. Document processes and systems for training to capture institutional knowledge and speed the contribution of new employees.
  3. Create a culture and the process thinking needed for Constant and Never Ending Improvement (CANI or Kaizen) which drives innovation and cost reductions for competitive advantage and higher profits.
  4. Improve quality and reduce costs from error handling, customer service and other exception handling.
  5. Increase customer satisfaction by providing more consistent service, products and quality, as well as better predictability.
  6. Provided needed measure and reporting so that improvement in key metrics is possible
  7. Define individual and department responsibilities more clearly to avoid communications issues, reduce friction and improve teamwork.

Business Process Management (BPM), Process Management (PM), and Process Management System (PMS) are all very similar things. Our System #5 Process Management System provides a simple set of best practices a manager can learn and use without complex tools or certifications. This is Process Management (PM) appropriate for small and medium-size companies (SMBs or SMEs) to get all the benefits of using conventions, without spending a hundred of thousands of dollars on software and training. These expensive implementations often fail due to over-complexity. Everything you need for software is available free, or included in standard suites like Microsoft Office, Open Office or any number of other applications. It is the philosophy and convention that matters most, not the software tools.

System #5 captures the institutional knowledge in a company’s key processes so that this can be trained and improved on over time. It provides the tools for Constant and Never-ending Improvement (CANI), or what the Japanese call “Kaizen”. Processes move through a life cycle from infancy (creation) to maturity.

Having a simple framework to invent, document and improve processes is critical. No company can scale its business without dong this properly and many companies explode, going out of business or losing customers because they do not take Process Management seriously.

The reality is that almost every company is a collection of processes that create value. Management and enhancement of those processes is a critical factor in the growth and success of most companies.

Everything from the customer marketing funnel to production and delivery of products and services is composed of key processes. Great organizations document and improve these constantly and have clear lines of responsibility and communications to see that there is full “ownership” of each process. Mature processes have metrics associated with them so that they can be delegated and scaled with performance expectations.

Our training, coaching and implementation process has evolved and been enhanced since 2002 when we started helping companies full-time. However, these ideas and best practices have been extracted from hundreds of books and used since as early as 1989 and come from the best of the best business gurus and thought leaders of the last seventy-five years.
It is all timeless because human beings do not change very rapidly, even though technology does. Modularity and a variety of tools allow all our Systems to be customized for any company, industry or any situation.

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