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Talk To An Expert, Not A Salesperson

Talk To An Expert, Not A Salesperson

Our Founder leads all projects and anyone else involved is a proven manager, entrepreneur and consultant with no less than 20 years' experience.

We have experts on our consulting team and network on every area of business including sales, marketing, operations, leadership, technology, strategy, and even developing new channels to sell existing products and services to expand your business.

We become a partner in your success doing of finding whatever you need to get to your next stage of development. This is never ending, and most companies need to reorganize every year or so. Our business management consultants will design a custom program for you on most any budget that can vary by speed of implementation. We have expertise and specialists in:

• Expanding Sales Online and Offline
• Adding Distributors
• Channel Development
• Geographic Expansion
• International Expansion
• Adding Resellers
• Licensing
• Product Line Extension
• New Product Development and Innovation

We will quickly identify issues holding you back and help improve your sales results and process at any level.  This will allow your company to achieve continued, predictable growth and scale to become a leader in your market(s) with more steady, recurring revenue.  More

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We can diagnose your growth limiters in a single call.

CEOs at $1M+ Companies get a free Growth Audit on this call to identify your growth limiters.

Management and Leadership – It’s All About People
Most companies fail. or fail to grow, due to poor management and leadership practices. Any venture capitalist will tell you #1, #2 and #3 are team, team, team. This is because a strong team can fix any problem, pivot and recruit other quality members. A weak team cannot. 

Marketing & Innovation Are the Hardest Things

Marketing is the lead generation machine that generates sales opportunities. Every company that wants to scale needs a “throttle” that increases lead generation and sales opportunities. Sometimes this is called a “Virtuous Financial Circle” where $X spent on Marketing generates $Y in sales and $Z in profits. Ideally this is predictable, repeatable and scalable. . We can create growth strategies for your business that are data driven and constantly improve and adjust to market conditions. More

Operations, Customer Service and Delivery are All Critical Process That Need Systemization to Scale

Operations, Customer Service, Delivery, or whatever you want to call it, is where the rubber hits the road, and you are provided the opportunity to turn customers into strong advocates who refer you more business or keep coming back themselves. Every employee is an ambassador for your brand, and both training and empowerment is required. This is often cultural and driven by your brand and how you want to be perceived in the marketplace. Are you a Starbucks (experience) or a coffee shop (commodity product)? Are you an innovator and market leader, or a commodity without differentiation for pricing power in a market? We are experts in execution, coaching, training and improving operations. We have helped hundreds of companies increase their growth rate; some have doubled it in just several months.   More

Business Development For Continuous Improvement

By “Development” we mean many things that develop the company including Management Development (team), Business Development (BD, channels) and Organizational (OD) Development which is the infrastructure that allows a company to grow including culture, processes, policies and procedures. This is building out the infrastructure of your company to allow scaling without constant firefighting; being proactive, not reactive; and finding new ways to leverage the company’s assets to create a more sustainable competitive advantage. This will build equity (or enterprise value), create financial leverage, and a Return On Investment for all stakeholders long-term. What separates market leaders from the also-ran companies are executives who work “on” the business, not just “in” the business. More

Finance, Raising Capital and the FInancial Strategy

Finance includes budgeting, cost controls, monitoring, fraud prevention, and most importantly the financing strategy needed to raise the capital necessary for growth. Strategies to expand or leverage the company’s strengths and minimize risk may include outside financing, acquisitions, mergers and spinning off products or divisions and other strategies.

We have developed a proprietary and innovative budgeting system that integrates with Strategic Planning and helps drive more innovation. These are processes every company needs to prevent financial surprises and use capital efficiently to grow.  More

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