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AirTight Management is the World’s Best Leadership O/S to Help Growth Companies Scale.
We Are Seeking Three Types of Partners to Help Our Clients

AirTight Partner Network

AirTight Management will become the world’s premier Leadership Operating System (LO/S) for investor worthy, growth companies that want to reach $100M+ sales. Saving our clients 5-8 years of infrastructure development (Jim Collins).

We install all the management systems needed to defy the odds of rapid growth and create high-performance, market dominating cultures and companies. You might be a Consultant, Fractional CXO, OD/OCM Specialist, legal firm, accounting firm or other service provider. 

Today we are seeking:

1. Ten or more AirTight Growth Consultants (AGCs) for our Q3 & Q4 certification cohorts. You must have 15+ years professional experience and 5+ as a manager and/or executive. We bring the clients, you bring the expertise and leverage our massive IP and systems.

2. Sales referral partners, individuals or companies, that deal with CEOs at $1M to $50M companies. Help your clients grow faster and earn a commission. 

3. Corporate partners that provide products and services to this SMB, high growth market, like software, services or other products needed by SMBs in the 7 to 200 employee range.

We Guarantee Results, Not Activities That Can Include: 50X ROI, $10M+ Valuation Increase, Reaching 50%+ CAGR and More . . .

1. AirTight Growth Consultants (AGCs) - Several Needed ASAP

Install the world's best Leadership Operating System to accelerate a client's growth and create a high-performance culture that makes them a market leader. Get Organizational Development (OD) and Change Management (OCM) results like no one else.
We create market leaders using decades of experience and intellectual property, like over 600 videos in our Learning & Development platform to grow employees. Our unique, hybrid product-service includes a combination of training, coaching and consulting. And we guarantee results and a high ROI that no one else in the world can. Get certified in one or more of our six systems and increase, even double, your income to over what top management consulting firms pay. And you will have far more impact on clients. Leveraging our network, brand and IP with hundreds of proprietary tools from our R & D efforts your impact on clients will triple. We bring the clients; you manage an 8-week project to install each modular system for four-to-12-month engagements. Earn $200,000+ income potential without overtime. Apply today by clicking below.

2. Executive Sales Referral Partners

Monetize your valuable network and experience by receiving $6K to $12K commissions for an introduction and a couple follow-up calls during our sales cycle. This new revenue source will also generate more success for your past and current customers and earn you kudos from them too. Their success will also bring you more business and raise your industry profile as we accelerate their growth rate, hiring, ability to raise capital at a higher price, and to attract and keep A-Players. Our clients dominate their markets in time by having top 5% high-performance and fun cultures with superior strategy and execution. No one else in the world guarantees results like AirTight Management does. We can often add $10M to $30M+ to a client's enterprise valuation, get them to 50% CAGR and/or even guarantee a 50X ROI on their investment in our program.

Apply today by clicking below. Your clients will thank you and likely need more of your services too because of the growth we enable.

3. Corporate Partners

We are seeking leading companies that supply software and services to the $1M to $50M Small to Medium Business (SMB) market. Referrals can be one-way or two-way depending on the client, lifecycle and other factors. We have hundreds of past clients, and our rapid growth rate means we will be servicing 75+ new clients simultaneously soon. We will become the gold standard Leadership Operating Systems for growth companies in time, because no one can ever replicate what we have created over the last decade that have 99 year copyright protection. Ideally you provide an offering complimentary with our services that can be installed before, during or after our engagement. This can be software like dashboards, goal setting, ERP, communications and collaboration, human resources management, etc. We lay a foundation for rapid growth to a $100M+ company for $1M to $30M companies today, and we even guarantee results like no one else in the world. Our network will grow to thousands of top consultants and in time create thousands of market leading companies. Apply today by clicking below.

Join our elite professional network today. We have unbeatable systems training and results from decades of experience scaling companies. And millions invested in our IP. 

 We can accelerate any company’s growth rate, and add many millions in enterprise value in months.  We are the only company in the world that guarantees results, not activities, like 50X ROI and adding $10M to a company’s valuation rapidly.

Past clients that now generate billions in annual revenue include:

Training Alone Almost Always Fails. Coaching Alone Does Not Change a Culture or Create Organizational Discipline.  Consulting Rarely Results in the Promised Results Except for Narrow Problems. McKinsey reports a 23% success rate when we get near 100%. 
However, when you combine them all in an integrated philosophy and framework you create a high-performance company that dominates its market(s). We provide everything needed to scale for the leadership team. And to make the cultural changes needed stick. Guaranteed!
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