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How to Raise Millions For Any Company Workshop Series for $1M+ Company CEOs

Starts August 9th 2023 at 2pm CT, 12 Sessions Weekly

Learn how the top 5% of Entrepreneurs succeed at getting outside investors. This virtual training is designed to be an unforgettable and transformative experience. It will set you up for success and help you develop a multi-year financing strategy that attracts the best investors, gets you a much higher valuation, and improves your business along the way. And attract better cofounders and team members. It could easily be worth millions to you. multiple valuation over time

100% money back guarantee. Details below. 

What you get:

  • Learn the strategies that top entrepreneurs have used to raise billions in capital. 90% seeking funds will not get outside investors. Understanding why they failed will ensure you are not wasting your time.
  • Learn to target the best investors for your situation and what they need to see and hear to get excited about your deal in your pitch.
  • Learn what team quality level you need at each level of investment targeted – An objective test.
  • Learn how to find and approach the right investors. There are many false beliefs about this that can prevent you from being successful.
  • See examples of the best pitch deck slides that will make you stand out from the rest.
  • Learn how to get the highest valuation possible, so the Founders do not end up owning less than 20% when you exit. This can translate into millions more for your founding team.

FREE BONUS: A toolkit with 25 different files including a convertible note to take money from angel investors, a dozen articles on different categories of investors you need to understand, a sample financial model like what investors what to see, and some famous pitch decks including Airbnb and others, and many more. These could save you time and thousands of dollars in legal fees and problems.

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How to Raise Millions For Any Company

And what 80% of entrepreneurs pitching investors do wrong

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About Your Instructor, Bob Norton, Serial Entrepreneur and Top Expert in Scaling Companies

  • A Founder of six companies with four exits and two still in development
  • As a CEO since 1989 Bob has grown two startups to $100M and $156M in sales within five years each and returned over $1 billion in profits to his investors (a 25X ROI).
  • His companies have generated tens of billions in sales and continue to generate over $1 billion per year today in revenue
  • As a Management Consultant and Chief Adviser to CEOs since 2002 he has helped over 200 clients increase their growth rates, sales and company valuations
  • He has raised over $40 million in startup capital for his own companies and helped clients raise nearly $1 billion
  • Founded six companies, four of which have disrupted industries. Two others are still growing. 
  • Author of four books: The Startup Manual & Leadership, co-written with Warren Bennis, “The Father of Leadership” and 4 eBooks. 
  • Over 180 published articles and 360+ studio produced training videos.
  • Creator of The CEO & Boot Camp and variations for teams and stage of development
  • Creator of AirTight Management, world’s first modular Management Operating System (MOS)


A structured process for preparing your company to get outside investors. With objective ranking of where you are and how you get to success.


Each session may be different but will consist of a theme or topic of the day with 30 minutes of content on best practices in this theme. See list below. "Hot seat" CEOs may be selected in advance or on the fly when this adds value for all attending. There will always be thirty minutes of dedicated Q&A after any presentation to answer all your questions and hear other CEOs too. And attendees will get limited-time access to the replay before this replay may be added to our paid course library.


Free bonus eBook analyzing the top eight reasons companies fail when they try to raise capital, and how to avoid them all. A $24.95 value all by itself.

About AirTight Management – The World’s Best Leadership Operating System – No software required. 

And dominate your market in time with much higher exits and sustainable competitive advantage. 

Growth and Scaling

Raising funds from outside investors is hard. But like so many other things there are many secrets few know and share. 

Don’t let the daily headlines fool you. Each type of investor, angel, professional VC, family offices, corporate funds and many other sources have a distinct set of needs and expectations for their portfolio companies. You need to customize and present for each differently.

Many believe it is a numbers game all about introductions and pitches. It is not.  Would you sell a beat-up car by doing more sales pitches? Not likely. You would need to improve the car some, lower the price or go to a junkyard. Same goes for raising capital.

Most people seek capital too early when they are not yet an attractive investment. Contrary to popular belief your idea is worth exactly zero dollars! Even a patent on a process has limited value compared to the team and other factors. 

Investors seek to invest based on a “Pre-money valuation”. Which means equity value has already been built with team, plans, product and more. 

This webinar will allow you to rate your readiness and also generate the list of things you must do to become financeable. 

Guarantee details: You may attend the first two sessions and request a 100% refund for any reason. Attending the third session invalidates the full refund offer. This includes both replays and live sessions you attend. 

100% Money-Back Guarantee Growth and scaling


AirTight Management is the world’s most comprehensive Leadership Operating System (LO/S) developed over two decades curating the best systems for scaling.

And of course, to grow you need capital and a quality team.  You can build a tiny house alone but to build a skyscraper you’ll need lots of help.

We take what is normally an 8-to-10-year process and compress it down to about a year for most companies by installing standard systems, processes, and culture for everything needed to scale. 

There is no one, ever, that did not need help to figure all this out! The first 10 years of Elon Musk’s learning at Zip2 (1999), PayPal (2002) working with others gave him that experience. 
Google hired many senior, experienced people, as did almost every other major success. 
Get the help you need. Do not try to climb Mount Everest without a sherpa. They all die. 
Get a FREE Strategy Session to Diagnosis Your Business. Get a mini Developing Audit to understand what is holding your company back.
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