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Learn How the Top 5% of Entrepreneurs Succeed at Reaching $10M, $50M and $100M+

 This session will set you up for success and help you develop a multi-year growth strategy that attracts better employees, investors, and partners. And improves your business’s equity value by 2X to 5X. This could easily be worth millions to you. 

What you get:  

  • Learn the strategies that top entrepreneurs have used to grow at 50%, 100% and more per year. Which becomes a self-fulling prophecy of success because it attracts investment, quality employees and distribution partners.
  • Learn to systematize everything and the three levels of this that allow you to “work on, not just in” the business.
  • Discover the shifts in mindset, management style, culture and other things and the five levels where this is needed.
  • There are many false beliefs about growth that can prevent you from being successful. And doing more of what you have been doing is one of the worst.
  • See the needs for change in accountability, managing by the numbers, developing your team and creating a high productivity culture even as you get bigger
  • See the financial and other controls that you need to not let growth run your company off the rails or sideways
About Your Instructor, Bob Norton, Serial Entrepreneur and Top Expert in Scaling Companies
  • As a CEO since 1989 Bob has grown two startups to over $100M in sales within five years and returned over $1 billion in profits to his investors
  • As a CEO Coach and Adviser since 2002 he has helped over 200 increase their growth rates
  • Raised over $40 million in startup capital and helped clients raise many hundreds of millions more
  • Founded six companies four of which have disrupted industries. Two others are still growing. 
  • Author of four books: The Startup Manual & Leadership, co-written with Warren Bennis, “The Father of Leadership”
  • Over 130 published articles and 360+ training videos. Creator of The CEO & Boot Camp and variations for teams and stage of development
  • Creator of AirTight Management, world’s first modular Management Operating System (MOS)

Top 10 Challenges of Growth & Scaling

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A structured process for shifting gears in every area of your business. With objective metrics and steps that are generic to almost every company to get your company to 100%+ compound annual growth rate (CAGR).

Thirty minutes of Q&A after the presentation to answer all your questions and hear other CEOs too. And access to Bob's blog with wisdom from the trenches growing companies for 20+ years. And attendees will get limited-time access to the replay before this course is added to our paid course library.

Includes slide deck to download and several key articles that will help you structure your company for success and create a high-performance culture.

Growing a business to a significant size is hard and rare.

Just look at these statistics from the Kaufman Foundation that studies small businesses.  Even venture capital backed companies, with all that money and due diligence fail about 80% of the time. 

So why do so many fail?  Come join us and find out the top ten reasons, and how to address them too.

We guarantee an information-packed event that can shift your thinking to create more success and growth in any company.

 And of course, to grow you need capital and a quality team.  You can build a tiny house alone but to build a skyscraper you’ll need lots of help.

However, the mistakes 90% of companies make are all the same.
Easy to see but they require awareness and experience to fix.  After five years of management consulting, I refined these down into the six systems needed to scale any company and developed the solution for companies stuck and going sideways. For any company.

There is no one, ever, that did not need help to figure all this out!

The first 10 years of Elon Musk’s learning at Zip2 (1999), PayPal (2002) working with others gave him that experience. 

Google hired many senior, experienced people, as did almost every other major success. 

Get the help you need. Do not try to climb Mount Everest without a sherpa. They all die. 

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