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Raise More Capital Faster and at a Better Valuation

Guaranteed to increase your ability to raise capital 2X or more

What you get:  

  1. Have you been pitching investors and getting no feedback?
  2. Are you having trouble finding the investors and loooking for “warm referrals”?
  3. Do most investors go into a black hole and not return your calls and emails?
  4. Do you get second meeting – closing deals is usally at least three meetings and some due diligence work
  5. Will people not refer you to other investors in their network?
  6. Does everyone want to charge you thousands of dollars per month, ongoing, to hep raise funds? 
  7. Are friends and families tapped out and the only ones that love you business “idea”?
  8. Have you concluded yet that raising capital is hard and you are just not making the grade yet?

Then This Package is For You

  • A greatly improved deck that will hit all key elements investors need to see. 
  •  A 3-5 year financing strategy that will impress investors that has all steps needed to succeed.

  •  An improved market entry strategy that will impress outside investors that 90% of entrepreneurs lack.

  •  A pitch deck that is guaranteed to double, if not triple your chances of success.

  •  Objective and honest rating of every aspect of your business, with ways to improve.  We will look at and make sugggestions to improve: marketing, sales, operations, finance and product development that investors like to see.

  •  Help targeting the best investors for your situation and what they need to see and hear to get excited about your deal.  Most waste 80% to 90% of their time with poorly matching investors. And a plan for approaching the right kind of investors 

  •  Added market research and competitive intelligence

About Your Fundraising Consultant, Bob Norton, Serial Entrepreneur

  • A Founder of six companies, with four exits and two still in development.
  • He has raised over $40 million in startup capital for his own companies and helped clients raise nearly $1 billion. Helped clients exit at values as high as $780M. 
  • Raised over $1 billion helping other companies usings many categories of capital sources including equity, debt, royalty financing, crowdfunding, venture leasing, ESOPs and many more.
  • As a CEO since 1989 Bob has grown two startups to $100M and $156M in sales within five years each and returned over $1 billion in profits to his investors (a 25X ROI). An average of $71M per year of equity value was created
  • Creator of AirTight Management, world’s first modular, and most comprehensive Management Operating System (MOS)
  • His companies have generated tens of billions in sales and continue to generate over $1 billion per year today in revenue
  • As a Management Consultant and Chief Adviser to CEOs since 2002 he has helped over 200 clients increase their growth rates, sales and company valuations.
  • Founded six companies, four of which have disrupted industries. Two others are still growing. 
  • Author of four books: The Startup Manual & Leadership, co-written with Warren Bennis, “The Father of Leadership” and 4 eBooks. 
  • Over 200 published articles and 360+ studio produced training videos.
  • Creator of The CEO & Boot Camp and variations for teams and stage of development, which has graduated thousands of CEOs and entrepreneurs from over 40 countries. 
Growth and Scaling Expert Bob Norton

Bob Norton,
Serial Entrepreneur,
CEO Coach and Adviser,
Independent Director

Our Proprietary Process

Growth and Scaling
1. Our Structured Process for Preparing Your Company to Get Outside Investment at a Higher Valuation

#1 Review your pitch deck and critique to improve. If you have no pitch deck, yet, we will spend an hour together designing every slide you need and what should be on it to create a skeleton you can fill in with the actual data needed to succeed.
#2 - A session to improve your go-to market (GTM), or market entry strategy and target market. Like Elon Musk does every time, and I have done since 1989.
#3 - Two more sessions based on this work to discuss and make your pitch and company a compelling investment.

Webinar Q & A Growth and Scaling
2. Develop a 3-step Financing Strategy Over 3-5 Years - Showing Potential Stock Price Increases Due to Milestones Being Hit.

Review any financial projections and improve them to impress. We'll do the "sniff test" all investors will do to be within believable parameters. And show you the range of what is expected. i.e. minimum revenue, minimum margins, maximum growth rates.

Growth and Scaling
3. We Will Hammer All the Usual Failure Points in Your Company, Team and Pitch that Make Most Investors Walk Away.

We can usually complete this entire process in four weeks, or spread it over more time if you need it to do the underlying work. This process will not just improve your pitch but also your entire company's strategy, foundation, team, and ultimate potential.

This package is designed to get your company to financeable status much faster. And can be usually be completed in one week.

Some companies take years to do this. 

It will set you up for success and help you develop a multi-year financing strategy that attracts the best investors, gets you a higher valuation and improves your business along the way.

It could easily be worth millions to you. 

Full disclosure and fine print: This is a coaching and consulting package where we will design and lead you to success. You will not qualify for this program if you are not prepared. This program may  iclude help with any of the following, but it is deswigned for when you already have a deck created, business model,market research and business plan. We will do additional improvements of the following at our discreation, and guide you to complete where these are labor intensive: 

  • Market research
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Recruiting your team. Often virtual team members can greatly increase fundraising success
  • Creating a financial model with 5-year projections that should be “bottom up” not some percentage of market share but drive by the unit economics of the business you can drive
  • Graphics design will use standard templates or your company graphics when available

Additional services are available at an hourly rate. Creation of a deck from sratch is usually $2,500.

This process is designed to bump you into the top 10% of entrepreneurs that will get outside investors.

This process includes at least two calls with you to review your business and work, then review our work with you.

See Guaranteed Scaling Program