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How We Get Companies to 50%, 100% or More Compound Annual Growth Rates

Easy to Say but Hard to Do. These Skills and Systems Took three Decades to Develop.

A Comparison of the Before and After. What Can You Expect?

Before AirTight - Problems 99.75% of Growth Companies Experience After AirTight Management is Installed

🚀A High-Performance Culture, Company and Teams

Overwhelm, frustration and internal friction and firefighting
A culture of high-performance, teamwork and focus with 100% accountability
Unpredictable sales and growth.
Smooth and steady growth at 25%, 50% and eventually 100%. You choose how fast to grow
Lack of accountability and often not making goals and deadlines
Clear accountability and ownership of outcomes and results without excuses. Making 85% of deadlines. Near perfect communications.
Low margins and inability to raise prices due to competition
Pricing power and differentiated products customers need with long-term recurring revenue.
Hard to attract top people and capital investment
Company becomes a magnet for top employees and investment capital to grow
Lack of standard processes, training and internal systems so employees blame management
Complete documentation, employee training and continuous improvement monthly in the business (Kaizen)
Employee turnover, brain drain and/or lack of employee engagement and effort
A Learning and Development (L&D, MD) program with professional training and career path of growth for all employees willing to invest in themselves and their professional growth so you can promote from within and retain top talent.
A lack of vision and ability for managers to make easy and clear decisions that are tied to strategic company goals
Clear communications of goals, strategy and models to make decisions every day, week, month, quarter and year.
A political culture where employees silo information and do not help their peers or make decisions based on long-term results
A meritocracy where everyone supports everyone else and helps across departments and shares credit and success, High levels of trust.
Everyone “putting the monkey on their boss’s back” and refusing to make decisions, take small risks and improve things.
Collaborative management that maximizes productivity, innovation and financial results long-term
BEFORE: A slow, struggling company that cannot attract top people or capital or ever achieve a good exit. Stressful and unrewarding for owners and employees.
AFTER: A rapidly growing company that can attract top people, capital and have higher margins with a $50M, $100M or eventually even a $1 billion exit. A self-fulfilling prophecy of success.

We provide everything needed to scale. And to make needed cultural changes stick.

We can diagnose your growth limiters in a single call.
CEOs at $1M+ Companies get a free Growth Audit on this call to identify your growth limiters.

What Our Clients Say

Intellectual Property and Assets You Get:
  1. Over 40 video courses and 360 videos training management science and best practices that will uplevel any team. Every team member will benefit with a custom plan so they can be promoted with growth.
  2. Hundreds of tools, models and forms that will shortcut learning and trial and error
  3. The wisdom from hundreds of management gurus, authors and top entrepreneurs collected from several hundred books integrated into our training after reading over 1,000. 
  4. The Six Systems that create a “closed system” (Our cube logo) which guarantees implementation success and creating an upward spiral:
    • The AirTight Strategic Planning System
    • PAMS – The Performance Accountability & Merit System – Hundreds of management best practices proven to enhance company growth, culture and success
    • Dashboards and KPIs guaranteed to create constant improvement (Kaizen)
    • Innovation and strategic budgeting for new products
    • Process management and optimization tools
    • Human Capital Acquisition & Development system
  5. Hundreds of articles, slides and principles, tested in real-world situations
  6. And many, many other things you do not know you need yet. 

Each stage of Development requires “gear shifts” in management style, planning, systemization and discipline. We will guide you up this mountain and provide quick answers to questions that have both risk and stress – instantly in real-time. Saving you sleepless nights, cash and get you more market share and growth. Because we have “Been there, and done that” over a hundred times.

Note that implementing AirTight Systems requires no software other than free word processor and spreadsheet like Google and/or Microsoft Office. We strongly believe that the foundational philosophies, systems and training must be implemented before any automation or software is used. Often the software tail ends up wagging the business dog in these situations where enterprise software is sold into the company as a “Solution” . Software is never a complete solution, it is just structuring data around the workflow, processes and philosophies. Without these first it is like building a house without a blueprint. Not likely to work out well. 

Phases Growth and scaling
The "Boat Metaphor" - Moving from one Captain to 5,000 crew. Numbers are ranges. Your mileage will vary based on industry and other factors.



To Identify root causes of problems, not just superficial symptoms. It is rare that a client understands the root cause of a problem. If they did, they would have already fixed it. We try to complete this in the first week, though there is always deeper learning as any project proceeds.


Of a solution that can be implemented by the current team and improved over time that will stick. This is where the magic happens and requires decades of business experience across strategy, the 5 business disciplines and experience as a leader and manager to understand what can work, and what is best today. All companies will evolve and go through several reorganizations as they grow.


Unlike most consultants we guarantee results by helping implement. We do not just give you a plan and walk away. That method has a very high failure rate. See “Reengineering the Corporation” by Michael Hammer, James Champy, et al.

Quote from forward of a book published by a client

I have known Bob for about 15 years. He is a very bright, creative, and experienced executive. His combination of big company and entrepreneurial experiences have given him an excellent platform for advising others. . . . Bob can always be relied upon to steer you in the right direction.

David Dill, CEO of Wellesley

Pharmaceuticals, and former IBM VP
I have been privileged to be touched by people who have had a large influence on my thinking. Richard Branson for his inspiration and motivation of what is possible. Anthony Robbins who helped me take the first step in understanding human neural linguistics and associated communications. And Bob Norton who inspired my business thinking in different tangents.

Boaz Fischer, CEO, CommsNet, Australia

We can diagnose your growth limiters in a single call.
CEOs at $1M+ Companies get a free Growth Audit on this call to identify your growth limiters.
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