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A Virtual or Interim CEO Can Stabilize a Company and Assist in Any area of the Business

Common Use Cases For a Fractional CEO, or Interim CEO

Transition due to the loss of a CEO or you have a small team that needs only a part-time CEO now.  Best when under 10 FTE employees.

A bridge to financing to round out a founding for a startup to complete a capital raise and bump valuation.

Strategy improvement or transition. If you lost a CEO something is wrong. Do you understand what that is?

Reorganization, transition and crisis management.

Product validation for product-market fit. Oversight of product development, budget and target market focus. Until product market fit is reached operations is usually limited. 

Mentor for C-Level executives and managers to gel a team, improve morale and set new goals that get people excited. 

Help with legal, corporate governance & board issues. Independent adviser to the board without conflicts from legacy issues. 

Organizational assessment, Change Management (OCM) and Organizational Development (OD), Process Management & Optimization

Benefits of Fractional Chief Executives

  1. All the experience needed to run the business well and improve the strategy as time allows, as well as develop the team.
  2. Part-time or full-time as appropriate. Pay only for the time you need saving many thousands per month using the 80-20 Pareto Principle.
  3. Decades of experience in strategy, management, leadership, recruiting, marketing, sales, finance and product development. 
  4. Start immediately without months of recruiting, negotiating and screening with little risk because it is temporary. Engagements are typically 3-6 months while seeking a permanant CEO, or reaching milestones that might allow this.
  5. Explore strategic options that will optimize the company’s value and assets with an independent expert without any biases who can design a plan for 3-5 years, or just continue executing the current strategy. 
  6. Get critical strategic and leadership guidance that only people with 20+ years’ experience can provide
  7. Avoid costly common errors and bad hires by having 30+ years’ experience added to your interviews and organizational design decisions
  8. Add additional perspective and creativity to key decisions at the board and executive level. Or with a young team make those key decisions in a few weeks. 
  9. Develop and execute critical operational plans
  10. Enhance productivity and systematize for growth by optimizing operations
  11. Extend bootstrapping and runway via lower expenses. And drive your company valuation higher before a funding round. Show investors you have a deeper team. 
  12. Raise capital much easier by having a more complete team and scaling experience
  13. Reduce stress on everyone and inject more leadership experience to make better strategic decisions
  14. A CEO can hire your permanent CEO better than any recruiter too, by understanding all aspects of the job, company, competitive circumstances and team to know what is most critical in the next few years. 
Success requires all the right experience and skills on the team to compete effectively. Many confuse "intelligence" with experience, but the two are very different. No company ever scaled without "Experience" on their team. Having a Fractional or Virtual Executive, CEO, CMO or other top person even one-half day a week, can make the difference between success and failure, or constant struggles and stress.
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We have the skills, experience and tools you need to help any business grow. Including standard leadership systems, policies and procedures for every area of business. Jim Collins, the author of Good To Great, said it takes 8 to 10 years to develop these systems. We can help you do it in only 12-18 months using our intellectual property developed over two decades.

Mr. Norton grew two startup businesses to $100 million and $156M in sales in less than 5 years each, disrupting two industries. Only 1 in 6,300 companies ever reaches $100M in sales and he did it twice in a row. That’s a 1 in 39,000,000 chance! 

He has created and managed over 60 product launches personally, and helped with 150+ others as a consultant, CXO or interim executive. Some dominated their markets.

Mr. Norton has worked with hundreds of clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to startups to improve companys performance across all depoartments. 

As a CEO for over 25 years, he has the “Been There, Done That” experience to guide any CEO, Executive or business to success. Unlike most coaches Mr. Norton has run both small and large companies for decades.

Mr. Norton was a CEO at high-growth companies for 14 years (over 28,000 hours experience) before becoming a full-time interim executive and consultant. He developed his management and leadership skills while creating over $1 billion in value for investors. And these companies are worth over $92 billion today after further mergers and acquisitions. He can help in any area of a business at the strategic level. Some have called him “The CEO of CEOs” because he has trained thousands of CEOs at his CEO Boot Camp since 2002.

Mr. Norton uses success strategies few people know. Bringing strong life experience, creativity, wisdom, and critical thinking to any team. As a CEO for over two decades, he will have an immediate answer or process for every challenge. This will speed up any company's progress.

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What are the differences between a Fractional CEO and an Interim CEO?

Fractional CEOs are a bridge to some milestones that will allow the company to shift gears and accelerate via a product launch, capital raise or team expansion. Often startups use fractional CEOs and executives to extend their runway while their focius in on product development. They can often do all that is needed in one or two days per week total time as a greatly reduced cost compared to full-time. They are part of the mangement team and all key decisions adding wisdom and experience to round out a team, reduce risk and increase results. 

Interim CEOs are filling a holes while a permanent CEO is recruited. Often finding a permanent CEO can take 6 to 12 months and a company cannot run well that long with a leadership vacuum. This is usually full-time in an established business with 10+ staff. 

Both the interim CEO and Fractional CEO have all the duties and responsbilities of a full-time CEO and takes “ownership” of all results for a limited period. As such they typically focus on 3 to 12 month goals and objectives. They may or may not take on the legal and fiduciary responsibility as an “Officer” of the corporation.


Dedicated availability with reserved time monthly, weekly, or daily as needed.

We are part of your team, just like a full-time executive. As a Fractional or interim CEO there will be a cadence of management meetings, duties and disciplined approach to business. This is what separates the best from the less successful companies.

On call instant support for fast decisions and help for unplanned events and questions.

Fractional CEOs and Interim CEOs must be available every day to respond as a full-time executive would. They may just put in fewer total hours per week.

All CEOs Must Develop the Team

Training, coaching, and mentoring of other team members is a key duty, mostly the management team. We provide access to all our Learning & Development courses, tools and systems. These will quickly improve a manager's professional abilities and will also reduce turnover.

A Fractional or Interim CEO always becomes part of your team in every way. Companies cannot always afford a full-time CEO and COO or additional executive skills. This is a catch-22 of startups and early-stage companies. With a fractional executive you can have this capability at 10%, 20% or 50% of the cost and still avoid strategic errors that can kill companies and cost millions in lost opportunities. Every company needs a CEO, but many can do with fewer hours depending on circumstances.

Past clients include companies like

I have known Bob for about 15 years. He is a very bright, creative, and experienced executive. His combination of big company and entrepreneurial experiences have given him an excellent platform for advising others. . . . Bob can always be relied upon to steer you in the right direction.

David Dill, CEO of Wellesley Pharmaceuticals

and former IBM Vice President
I have been privileged to be touched by people who have had a large influence on my thinking. Richard Branson for his inspiration and motivation of what is possible. Anthony Robbins who helped me take the first step in understanding human neural linguistics and associated communications. And Bob Norton who inspired my business thinking in different tangents.

Boaz Fischer, CEO, CommsNet, Australia

Bob Norton is an amazing person. He has an undefinable sixth sense about business and its many moving parts. He organized our dashboards and KPIs which impressed Amazon and resulted in the largest acquisition Amazon had done to date at $780M.

– Craig Brenner, CEO and VP at Kiva Systems (Robotics) & Amazon

We can fill all the requirements of a CEO Part-time or full-time.

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