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Some of the Benefits You Will Get From AirTight Management

There are at least 36 total benefits that accrue from using AirTight Management.
Far too many to list on a website and many are secret.

AirTight Management Can Make Your Company a Market Leader in Time

Obviously, every company is different, but we solve the problem that Michael Collins, in the classic book Good To Great, documented in his research, namely that the average "great" company takes eight to ten years to figure out its internal systems before scaling well. By dropping in our standard systems, which work in any industry, and then customizing them by about 15% we can cut that time down to one year for you. This allows you to grab market share, more sales and profits and become a market leader.

Growth Requires Systemization and Discipline Management Cadence. Some of the Benefits you will get from each modular system include:


Benefits that will be visible quickly by system

A good strategic plan is the foundation of any success. And like any building how high it can go is dependent on that foundation.

Create a stronger vision with your team aligned and owning it, 1-years ops plan, 5-year Strategic, Alignment of team decisions with long-term corporate goals. Higher barriers to entry, differentiation and growth rate with lower capital need.

Impact on Company Value

At least 2-3X, could be 5-10X with new products, markets and services that are developed.

This will not just drive sales and your growth rate but also the P/E multiple used to value a company. Because these are multiplicative doubling each (2 X 2 X 2 =8X) can easily 10X a company’s value.

Amazingly over 90%  of companies fail to use the proven best practices of managment science from the last 75 years that are timeless. And most are not even taught in the top MBA programs.

You will get cadence and discipline in management, higher productivity, and enterprise value creation, momentum boost, accountability, reduced politics,

Decades of research shows we can increase value creation by +56% from just one system alone. Compound that annually Ben Franklin. This system alone wil put you in the top 10% of companies for professional management. 

Management leverage and focus comes from running a business “by the numbers”. Continuous (Kaizen) improvement is how companies reach a dominate position in their industry. 

You will get a Kaizen culture enabled, direct accountability, mananagement time leverage, early indicators, better projections, and proper focus monthly, quarterly and annually.

Constant improvement becomes part of your culture. 5% per quarter = ~25%/year potentially. 

Budgets are easy projecting off of the past but not for new products and innovation that are required to win markets. 

Get the systems, processes and culture for disruption and innovation. Use frugal experimentation to fail rapidly and cheaply and create more predictable cash-flow, and a business case development process for new products and markets. 

Incalculable as innovation is the future of any business and drives P/E, growth and sales. Innovation budgeting is not like accounting or projecting becuase there is no history for new products.

Process management and optimization is what scales a business to enable many cultural requirements.

Documented processes, training for new people to protect against turnover, optimization of processes, mechanism for Kaizen,

Quarterly improvement but also defensive to protect institutional knowledge.

Your people are everything and attracting and keeping the best people is 50% of success. 

Create a better culture in every way: more productivity, higher morale, less politics, better employee retention, better communications, constant learning & development, total team alignment.

Savings in reduced turnover + ability to attract better people can have incalculable impact.

Combined Result:

Companies using AirTight Management become market leaders within 3-5 years. And they create higher barriers to entry that rewards a much higher P/E multiple on your business. Barriers plus strong growth rates can create 30, 50 or even 100X P/E multiples while average companies get 2-6X. We target a P/E of 10-50X for better exits and investment valuations using dozens of ways to improve your company’s value.

Add up all these impacts above combined and you can achieve 4.1X to 10X or more in company value increase. That can easily be millions in value, even tens of millions, for your founders, investors and employees. 

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